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Work from Home Scams

Promises, Promises: Work-from-home scams
Where do I begin with these so called work from home jobs!!!!!Ahhhhh! let me see.....The first and most important observation is that 98% are just scams.The so called testimonals are usually fake.Typically, these work at home scams promise big financial rewards for very little effort. Make money instantly, work just a few hours a week to suit yourself, no skills needed, guaranteed income.I tried some of these work from home jobs and I have yet to find one that was not a scam. Staffcentrix researchers screen about 5,000 home jobs leads every week, and there is a "56-to-one scam ratio" among work-at-home job ads. Any opportunity where you can "make money fast," "no experience is necessary," or "work at home" is appealing to people, so they get thrown into the scam mix.

This one is just awful..a typical email processors wanted ad.....
Make Big Money Processing Emails At Home. Simple Pleasurable Work Anyone Can Do."
When you answer the ad you're asked to pay a one time registration fee of $10 to $50. And after
you pay the fee, you're sent instructions telling you that to make your money you should place an ad for "Email Processors Wanted" just like the one you answered and charge the same $10 to $50 processing fee.Placing an ad cost money.....The biggest danger of the email processing scam happens if a company convinces you to buy a list of email addresses from them and send emails for "Email Processors Wanted" to those email addresses. Generally the lists are either worthless or even worse have been collected by unethical means. And if you send emails to the list you could possible get fined in the tens of thousands of dollars or more and even face criminal prosecution and jail time.They make their money selling you their so called kits or packages.

Google Home Business scam consist of urging consumers to obtain a kit supposedly showing them how to make money working from home with Google.Google is taking legal action to stop companies from allegedly using the search giant's name to trick people into paying for supposed Google Home Business Kits advertised online and in e-mails.

How about those get paid to fill out surveys scams?One of the major ways that paid survey scams make money is by selling the participants’ contact information to marketing firms. The marketing firms use that data to send unsolicited mail, emails, and phone calls to the survey participants.Also the companies you are taking the survey for usually require you buy one or more of their offers before you can complete a survey...Slick HUH!..

The typical profile of victims who are most susceptible to these scams has changed very little. Work-at-home con artists have always preyed most heavily upon senior citizens, the disabled, mothers who want to stay at home with their children, people with low income and few job skills, and people who just want to get rich quick.Here are some things to look for to avoid work at home scams. I found out today some of these work from home scams have repackaged themselves...the names were changed but the scam is the same therefore wiping the slate clean on search engines.pretty slick I must say......Useful tip... I put the word scam after the type of business or name of the business and got useful results in the search engines(these results are not fool proof..use your best judgement to filter out the phonies).

Selling on the Internet?......Don't believe the HYPE!!!!!!

Contrary to what is being broadcasted on television you
MOST DEFINITELY will need to have a background in computers,

programming,internet,business,marketing and etc to do business on the internet.

Also expect to spent long hours on maintenance,updates,security,marketing and a host of other things.I had an awful time just keeping my ecommence website up and running.There was always some problem with it ..sometimes it was just down or more correctly the hosting server was down and several times it got hacked into.Once your site is hacked into it takes a mountain of work to restore it .If it is a store and you are dependent on another website to get product information don't be surprised if that is down...What really annoyed me was how often my website as down.You have to constantly call these people to get your store up was a real headache.I will not say who the web hosting companies were but I tried more than one and they were well known.

The cookie cutter websites(you have seen them on tv and the internet) are a waste of your time.The latest news on this is these scam artist are offering the website for "FREE" but the scam is the same.A "cookie cutter" site is one that the builder creates so the title of the site can be easily changed to your domain name and the sites can be stamped out like using a "cookie cutter". The site is sold with the pretense that all you have to do to make LOTS of money is buy the site and pay to have it hosted on the Internet. The site has ready made links to products and services from which you are told will make a commission each time a person clicks a link. Usually the products and services are sold by the company that developed the website so they make most of the money if you do get a sale. They keep telling you, "Just think how much money you will make by having a site like this on the Internet".You get the exact same website and products that has been sold to millions of other people.There is no unique content… I’ll bet you can even search for the code and find tons of similar pages out there. The big money has already been made and now you are being sold an opportunity that is now saturated with competition.

The only way you can compete is to significantly lower your prices which will probably leave you in the red... if you sell at all.The search engines are saturated with websites with duplicate website content. Advertising will cost you an arm and a be prepared to shell out some big bucks...results are not guaranteed.The so called technical support I got from these hosting companies was awful.Often times I was just lied to to get me off the phone or I got no response to my emails.

UPDATE:These so called free websites being offered are nothing but another form of spam.What happens to all that data you have entered on these websites if you sell something?Customer names,addresses,phone number...etc.I will tell where it goes to an online database which you do not own...... The company that gave you the website owns it!!!!!You are lining these scam artist pockets with fresh leads every time you make a sell.THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!

Best advice for having a good ecommence store:
  • Find a web hosting service you can depend on!!!!!
  • extensive inventory
  • competitive prices
  • easy-to-use interface
  • fast-loading Web pages
  • massive marketing campaign.

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